A.D. Lynch: “Milwaukee Riots Is The Police’s Fault, Cops Should Be Polite And Friendly Like In Beverly Hills”

A.D. Lynch: “Milwaukee Riots Is The Police’s Fault, Cops Should Be Polite And Friendly Like In Beverly Hills”

Conservatives and some liberals have reached a common way to express sympathy (maybe genuine, maybe not) with the police. They like to say that when officers kiss family members goodbye in the morning, they don’t know whether they will return home to them that evening. However, officers who police crime-infested neighborhoods may well return home dispirited. Take the neighborhood in Milwaukee where a black officer killed Sylville Smith. As Rich Lowry points out, three people were murdered last weekend within blocks of where the officer shot Smith on Saturday afternoon, and five people were killed in total over a nine-hour period Friday night and Saturday morning.

Long story short, all hell is breaking loose in Milwaukee at the moment. And Attorney General Loretta Lynch is blaming it all on none other than the police. In an interview with the Associated Press, Lynch argued that every single American in this country “has countless rights, but also equal obligations.” For example, Lynch stated that every person is required to stop and talk to a police officer if they’re called to so, but at the same time, “the police officer is also required to treat that person with respect, without any type of prejudice or stereotype. And that’s what caused the Milwaukee riots,” she opined.

“Let’s call things by their true name, shall we,” the Attorney General said. “Everybody knows that black people end up in jail or become involved in crime at much greater numbers than any other race, right? Right. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that all black people are criminals and that all of them should be treated as such. In fact, some of the greatest Americans to date were people of color. And that’s the main problem police officers throughout this country are taking for granted. Whenever they see a black person, especially if they’re patrolling through a risky neighborhood, they immediately see a criminal and someone they have to question and possibly, arrest. And then their mindset changes.”

She added, “This is exactly the type of behavior we must work to eradicate. Because, look at the aftermath of it. Such a way of treating civilians has given birth to an almost systematic execution of black people throughout the country. Justified or not, we can’t have anymore of it.” Lynch also added, “It’s true that police officers are risking their lives on the job every single day, but, despite that, we must ask of them to change the way they conduct themselves.” “Bottom line,” she argued, “in order for all of this to stop, we basically need police officers throughout the country to take a page from the book of California cops, more precisely, law enforcement officers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.”

Asked to elaborate on why she mentioned Beverly Hills of all places, Lynch quipped, “Are you seriously going to ask me that? Take a look at the situation in Beverly Hills: do you see any racial riots there? Do you see anything wrong with that part of the country? No? Well, that’s because Beverly Hills cops know how to conduct themselves in a polite and friendly manner regardless of what kind of job they’re doing, be it helping old women cross the street or arresting drug lords. Beverly Hills cops are a shining example of how all cops should behave on the job, and consequently, they have no problems whatsoever in their town. We should all learn from them and try to make the rest of America as peaceful and tolerant as Beverly Hills – minus the plastic surgeons, of course,” she concluded.