Activist Jorge Herrera Blasts Democrats For Referring To Hispanics As “Taco Bowls”

Activist Jorge Herrera Blasts Democrats For Referring To Hispanics As “Taco Bowls”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Hispanic activist Jorge Herrera blasted the Democratic Party over emails recently released by WikiLeaks, in which leaders from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) refer to Hispanics as “taco bowls”

Herrera, an active member of “Latinos for Trump,” told Breitbart that he believes the Democratic Party is “racist” and “don’t care about us.”

“I think it’s pretty racist that the media, especially the left and the Hillary Clinton campaign, only thinks of the illegals as Hispanic,” Herrera said. “But they never talk about the illegals from the European areas and Asia. They only talk about the illegals from Hispanic countries because they are pandering and want the votes. They don’t care about us. The Hispanic and black communities are suffering.”

Then he went on describe the latest emails that were leaked: “Within their leadership, they were talking about mopping up taco bowl engagement. Trump doesn’t refer to us as ‘taco bowl engagement.’”

“The left will take any little comment and spin it into something that it’s not. And now they are referring to us as ‘taco bowl engagement.’ It’s inappropriate and racist in our book. It’s not right,” Herrera insisted.

“The whole point is, we are addressing the language of the DNC. One of the emails says that in terms of Hispanics, they look at us as a product or an object they are thinking that they can acquire.” He described the leaked DNC email as “latently racist” and claims the Democrats “are targeting Hispanics as a brand. Thank goodness for WikiLeaks.”

Herrera described how his lower-middle class family worked hard insisted that he work harder so he can be even more successful. He warned that Democrats are using the welfare system to keep Hispanics and African-Americans down.

“The minorities think they’re being helped but if you look at cities like Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit, they are proof that their handouts and entitlements don’t work.” He insists that the Democrats “have manipulated people. They keep people ignorant by making them think that handing them entitlement programs and welfare and benefits helps them out, economically speaking. But in reality, when you look at statistical data — Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit — they are never able to leave the ghetto and the lower socioeconomic demographic.”