Alan Dershowitz: “Republicans Are A Bunch Of Buffoons”

Alan Dershowitz: “Republicans Are A Bunch Of Buffoons”

Renowned civil-rights attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter Alan Dershowitz criticized Democrats for the stunt they pulled on Congress when they held a 25-hour protest for gun control votes. He said they “shot themselves in the foot” and could affect Clinton’s campaign this fall.

“I’m a liberal Democrat, supporter of Hillary Clinton,” Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor emeritus, told CNN host Don Lemon. “They hurt her by making fools of themselves, sitting in on Congress and pulling this kind of stunt.”

“If Hillary Clinton is going to win, she’s going to win because she has gravitas and because the Republicans are a bunch of buffoons.”

“Now, the Democrats are a bunch of buffoons, sitting on the house floor, screaming and singing,” he added. “This can’t help. They have to be serious.”

In an attempt to force the House to vote on gun-control proposals that would extend background checks and prohibit the sale of guns to suspected terrorists, Democrats held a sit-in from Wednesday until Thursday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan castigated the protest, which was led by Rep. John Lewis.

“They have to show gravitas if they’re going to win this election against [Donald] Trump,” Dershowitz told Lemon. “Passion and anger determine votes — and passion and anger could bring Donald Trump to the presidency.

“The Democrats shouldn’t be playing into his hands, as they did with these foolish maneuvers in the House of Representatives.”