Amnesty Groups Asking CAL AG To Block Federal Access To Gang Database “To Prevent Racist President-elect” From Deporting Gang Members

Amnesty Groups Asking CAL AG To Block Federal Access To Gang Database “To Prevent Racist President-elect” From Deporting Gang Members


Immigration advocacy groups are asking California Attorney General Kamala Harris to “block federal access” to the database containing names of gang members in the state. The goal is to block access before President-elect Trump is sworn in, thereby preventing his administration from seeing the names of individuals who could find themselves on a deportation short list. Advocacy groups fear that Trump would sift through the names on the database in a search for immigrants who have amassed a criminal record in the US, only “to deport…[illegal] immigrants who’ve been erroneously labeled as gang members.”

“Our mission here is a very simple and, if I may say so myself, noble one,” a source from one of the groups told media outlets regarding the issue. “We’re just trying to prevent racism in action before it gets out of hand, even though it’s already running rampant on American streets. We’re all well aware of the promises made by the racist President-elect Donald Trump and we strongly disagree with everything that man stands for. However, the safety and well-being of both legal and illegal immigrants in this country is our number one priority and we won’t stop until we’ve successfully protected them all.”

The source added, “We decided to start things off with California, because it has one of the highest number of gang members of Latin origin. The problem we have with the said database is the fact that it often contains not just the identities of actual gangbangers with criminal records, but also an increasing number of first-time offenders who don’t deserve to be in the database in the first place. And knowing that Donald Trump doesn’t care why some of these people are listed in it, he’ll just give the order to deport a significant part of them – or worse, all of them – without giving it a second thought. It is up to us to protect those people and allow them to fulfill their American dream.”

“Asking the attorney general is one way of going about it, especially since we want to show that we’re trying to realize our goals by using democratic and peaceful means,” they added. “We could have gone out on the streets, protests, demonstrations and the whole nine yards, and could have had hundreds of thousands of gang members with us, but we feel America has had enough violence for the time being. Plus – who’s to say having illegal immigrants as gang members in California is a bad thing? If nothing else, at least they make things interesting.”

“They should not be deported and that’s something every single person knows, this country is big enough for all of us. We need to stop the racist; we need to stop Donald Trump before he destroys countless lives to gain political points. This might seem like the right thing to do at the moment, but in the long run, we will all regret going through with it; him for giving the order and the rest of us for allowing it to happen. Let’s try to reform and rehabilitate our criminals instead of kicking them out of the country, that’s always been the American way,” the source concluded.