Arab Journalist “Iran, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama Are Upset Over Trump’s Election”

Arab Journalist “Iran, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama Are Upset Over Trump’s Election”

According to Abdulrahman al-Rashed, a reputable journalist and former editor-in-chief of London-based Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, the Trump administration is “the first time that we see Washington official who realize the facts on the ground and frankly declare that they will not accept blackmail or keep silent over extremist and terrorist regimes.”

In an article titled “Which Muslims Are Against Trump?”, which was released Tuesday in Al Arabiya, Rashed claimed that Muslims should not be worried about the President-elect’s “intentions” for the Muslim and Arab world. Just the opposite, writes Rashed, the people creating all the unnecessary fear by “claiming Washington was willing to launch war on one billion Muslims” are the radical Muslims and countries like Iran, who are afraid that Trump and his administration will defeat them.

“We understand that Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the elections angered the Muslim Brotherhood. What fueled the latter’s anger was how Trump received Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in New York earlier this year,” Rashed said.

“It’s on this basis that they try to picture Trump’s administration as racist and as an enemy of Islam and Muslims,” he continued.

“Iran, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood” are the main groups who are afraid of Trump’s choice of appointments, Rashed writes.

Rashed pointed out how Trump’s pick of General James Mattis for secretary of defense is an example. Although Mattis has “clearly and frankly voiced hostility,” it was “against terrorist organizations.”

“[Mattis] also has frank stances against what Iran is doing in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon,” Rashed continues.

Another example he points out is Trump’s pick for national security advisor, General Michael Flynn.

Flynn “has also made outspoken speeches against extremist Islamic groups. Many have used these speeches to indicate that he is hostile against Islam and Muslims,” he notes.

“Truth be told, what General Flynn said is what we ourselves say, that there is a dangerous virus inside Islamic society called extremism that has killed Muslims and threatened them everywhere and harmed them more than it even harmed the West and followers of other religions.”