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Cruz Warns of Riots If He Wins In Cleveland

Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz talked about the possibility of Donald Trump doing “everything he can to encourage riots” if Mr. Cruz wins the nomination at a contested Republican convention in Cleveland. Cruz was speaking to John Dickerson of CBS’ Face The Nation. Asked if he was worried about the possibility of violence if he were to “overthrow” Trump […]

Ted Cruz: ”Trump Wants Grown Men To Use Little Girls’ Rooms.”

While the North Carolina directive to ban transgender people from using restrooms aligned to their gender but rather to their biological sex has made all sorts of waves with showmen and celebrities, it has made a less significant impact on the actual Presidential run. Not until now anyway. A fiery comment by one of the […]

Ted Cruz: ”You Could Be Gay In One State But Straight In Another.”

Ted Cruz

The presidential candidate from the Republican camp, Sen. Ted Cruz found himself having to answer difficult questions after a homosexual ‘’lifelong Republican’’ queried him on the TV show ‘’Morning America’’ shown on ABC. The man wanted to know how the senator, if elected, would preserve his matrimonial status that he has had for two years. […]

Sean Hannity: ”I’m Sick Of You Bullying Trump, Cruz.”

Sean Hannity, the straight talking Fox News presenter gave life to his earlier remarks that ‘’I’m not a journalist, I’m a talk show host’’ in a sensational way last week. This came about when he was speaking to Ted Cruz on his show, in which he was clearly unimpressed by Cruz’s responses. Hannity had described […]

Lamar Alexander: ”I Caused The Problem, Now I Will Fix It.”

GOP administrators in the Senate are looking to find a working resolution to the conflict that has arisen in their headship framework. On Saturday, Sen. Lamar Alexander requested for a resolution to Sen. Mike Lee’s challenge regarding three party leaders’ legitimacy to hold office for more than two years. The statement followed a tumultuous lunch […]