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No Word of Hollywood Sex Scandal at First Oscar Celebration of Season

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Filmmaker Agnes Varda danced with Angelina Jolie. Donald Sutherland wanted to thank the characters he’s played. Writer-director Charles Burnett said getting an Oscar eases the sting of a teacher’s heartless words decades ago. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu dedicated his award to immigrants worldwide. And cinematographer Owen Roizman was moved to tears at […]

SNL Presents a Message From the DNC Paid for By Mark Cuban: ‘We’re Back, Baby!’

During this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” a message from the Democratic National Committee featured Democrats gloating about their victories in Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday. The bit had actors playing Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders and other notable Democrats rejoicing over the wins, exclaiming, “We’re back, baby!” “We haven’t […]

USA Today Scoop: AR-15s Can Be Modified with ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’

USA Today released a video showing that available modifications for an “AR-15 style rifle” include a “Chainsaw Bayonet.” They also listed adding a pump shotgun attachment to the underside of the gun. The video was clearly part of the establishment media’s concerted effort to demonize AR-15s by suggesting they are semiautomatics that can be modified into all […]

Chiefs Defensive Lineman Arrested in Florida on Domestic Battery Charges

Roy Miller, a defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, was arrested on domestic battery charges in Florida on Saturday, according to Fox News. According to police reports, Miller is accused of dragging his wife by the hair, tearing a braid from her hair, and nearly ripping her shirt. The argument began after Miller and his wife returned […]

Suspect Breaks into Off-Duty Officer’s Home, Dies from Gunshot Wound

A suspect who broke into an off-duty Littleton, Colorado, police officer’s home died from a gunshot wound after being transported to the hospital. The incident occurred around 4:30 pm on Friday. According to Denver 7, the off-duty officer was asleep in his basement when he heard someone breaking in on the floor above him. The officer […]

Amnesty Advocates ‘Storm’ Capitol Hill Offices for No-Strings Amnesty

Pro-amnesty groups led hundreds of local students and many illegal immigrants to a Senate office building on Thursday where they held a raucous demonstration demanding Congress pass a no-strings amnesty which would allow roughly 3 million illegals to stay in the United States, vote in elections, and import their foreign relatives. “Yesterday we took over […]

Richard Dreyfuss Denies Years of Harassment and Exposing Himself to Journalist

Performer Richard Dreyfuss denied presenting his private parts to L.A.- based essayist Jessica Teich while the two were cooperating on a 1987 TV exceptional. Teich, whom Dreyfuss employed to compose the content for the extraordinary Funny, You Don’t Look 200: A Constitutional Vaudeville, said the performing artist welcomed her to his trailer where he purportedly […]

Bryan Cranston on Kevin Spacey and Hollywood Sex Misconduct: ‘The Pillars of What Was Are Falling’

Veteran on-screen character Bryan Cranston unloaded on disrespected performer Kevin Spacey and the “carnal” conduct of a few of Hollywood’s most effective men who’ve been blamed for sexually bugging and ambushing ladies and young fellows. “He’s an extraordinary performing artist, yet he’s not a decent individual,” Cranston told BBC’s Newsbeat of Spacey, who’s been accused of sexual harassment, rape, and pedophilia. “His […]

LA Police Drop Investigation Into Corey Feldman’s Sex Abuse Allegations

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Thursday that it has dropped an investigation into allegations of widespread pedophilia in Hollywood made by actor Corey Feldman only a day after it was reported to be looking into the case. The department apparently dropped the case because of limitations of the law, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Reportedly saying, […]