Beyoncé Blames Cops For Being Killed In Dallas: “Both Sides Need To Be Unarmed”

Beyoncé Blames Cops For Being Killed In Dallas: “Both Sides Need To Be Unarmed”

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Beyoncé has posted an open letter, responding to the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and urging fans to take action. “We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” the pop star writes in a statement on her website. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.’” Beyoncé advises against hopelessness and tells fans to contact their legislators. The letter explicitly mentions two African-Americans whose deaths in police custody this week have prompted national outrage and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

In an interview with E! Magazine, the pop diva also argued that “while racial equality is everything we’re looking for, on the other hand, equality as a notion goes far beyond race.” She also said that “from the standpoint of the average black person in America, it doesn’t seem fair that the police asks us to be unarmed while, at the same time, they’re allowed to not only carry weapons, but apparently also use them whenever and however they feel like. This results in unjustified deaths and life is not something you can restart.”

“And what happened during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas is just another example of that,” she added. “Because when Alton and Philando were shot and killed, most people were siding with the police officers who were responsible, arguing that “they had the right to protect themselves and act preemptively. But now that this has happened, the story doesn’t change. Everybody mourns Dallas police officers because they’re deceased and that’s unfortunate. But let’s be honest here: they did it to themselves. Their colleagues took innocent lives and karma is a bitch.”

“They brought it on themselves because they have a habit of being hasty and trigger-happy. And that’s a very dangerous habit, especially when it involves white people in uniforms and black people mistaken for criminals,” the pop diva lamented. “And if we want this to stop, we need to work together and we need to work towards a more equal society, as opposed to what we’re doing right now. We need to be focused on setting the record straight and thinking before we act, instead of just reacting instinctively. That’s the only way to save lives instead of taking them foolishly.”

She added, “In fact, you know what we should do? I think we need to make police officers across the country give up their guns completely. Because, that’s the only way to keep everybody safe, it’s only going to happen if both sides are unarmed. That way, no one will be able to take a life with a simple push of a button or pull of the trigger. And if it should come to a confrontation, well, there’s no need to worry. Black people are generally bigger and stronger than white people, so we’ll just be leveling the playing field. Besides, that’s the way it’s been before white people invented guns.”