Bill Clinton: “Media Bullying Hillary Despite Knowing Women Have No Idea How Emails Work”

Bill Clinton: “Media Bullying Hillary Despite Knowing Women Have No Idea How Emails Work”

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Bill Clinton says the assertions that wife and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lied about mishandling classified emails while secretary of state is “the biggest load of bull I ever heard.” The former president made the comment Friday while responding to a question from the audience member about his wife’s trustworthiness, during an event in Las Vegas. On Saturday, Republicans were quick to criticize President Clinton’s characterization of the email scandal, with Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy telling Fox News’ “Fox and Friends”: “He’s just trying to spin Hillary out of trouble, and it doesn’t work.”

However, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former president Clinton made more interesting claims, most notably, that the media is “bullying” his wife. “Look here, when it’s all said and done, one thing needs to be absolutely clear,” he said. “Whether or not my wife becomes the first female President of the United States, she’s already re-written history simply because of the fact that she is a female candidate. So, you have to understand that whether or not she wins the election is of lesser importance right now, because the fact that she’s a woman alone feeds more than enough ammo into her haters’ wide assortment of weaponry.”

“I told her, the minute she asked for my support in running against Trump, I told her, I said, ‘Babe, you gotta understand that this is going to be like walking in front of a firing squad with a huge bull’s-eye painted directly on your forehead,’ and she said she was fine with it,” Clinton revealed. “But at the same time, regardless of how much time you spend preparing for something, you’re still not ready when it actually happens. And I knew they’d be looking for different ways to bring her down, and I’m not surprised by any of this. However, they’ve gone too far; the media is openly bullying her about those emails even though they’re more than aware that women aren’t that smart when it comes to operating a computer.”

Former president Clinton then once again tried to do the husbandly thing and act as his wife’s protector, despite having cheated on her with White House intern Monica Lewinski, which grew into one of the largest scandals in U.S. politics since World War II: “I know for a fact she didn’t use a different email server on purpose. And even if she did, we shouldn’t blame her for it, because she’s a woman; their brains are wired differently than ours. The poor thing probably though she was doing a good thing by not overloading the server she had or something like that. What can I say, girls will be girls. After all, that’s part of what makes them so adorable to us guys, right?”

“But the worst part of it is,” Clinton continued, “no matter how hard we try to explain it, some people and some media just won’t let it go. I mean, I’ve heard of being persistent is helpful in getting ahead at your job, but these guys are just relentless. What’s even more confusing is the fact that women throughout America keep calling her out because of it, when in fact, nobody can guarantee that those women wouldn’t have done the same thing, or worse if they had been in her shoes. I mean, talk about hypocrisy. You know, some of them actually make me feel ashamed to have been their president, honestly,” former president Clinton concluded.