Bill Nye On Louisiana Floods: “Climate Change Deniers Got What They Deserve”

Bill Nye On Louisiana Floods: “Climate Change Deniers Got What They Deserve”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons


On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Bill Nye “the Science Guy” told host Chris Cuomo that he sees the devastating flooding in Louisiana as a product of so-called climate change. “For us, on my side of this – this is a result of climate change,” Nye said. “It’s only going to get worse.” “I don’t have the answer to this except it is going to get worse,” he added. “It almost certainly will get worse. Everybody – as the ocean gets warmer, which it is getting, it expands. Water gets – the molecules spread apart and then as the sea surface gets warmer, more water evaporates. And so it is very reasonable that these storms are connected to these big effects.”

Nye also argued that, while there are many who think like him in terms of the cause of the Louisiana floods, there are also many skeptics and non-believers, many of whom are public figures. He also opined that the politicians, who should be advocating taking action to prevent climate change, are also “playing for the other team.” “You know, ever since the whole election race started, I’ve been hearing a ton of politicians, I’m not going to name anyone but they know who they are, tons of them have been talking about climate change as if it’s a conspiracy theory or something,” Nye said. “And that’s a very dangerous mindset to have, especially because we’re talking here about people who are going to be decision makers, more or less.”

“And when those non-believers and deniers actually become decision makers, they are going to start re-shaping the consciousness of the public into thinking climate change is a hoax,” he added. “And it most certainly isn’t. So, in reality, we, the people of America, will have chosen as our representatives people who aim to control what we think and people who aim to lie to us. Now, I never get into politics as a man of science, but I will say this: in my opinion, in my professional opinion, the Louisiana floods are connected to climate change. What’s more, I would even go so far as to say that they’re a direct consequence of climate change.”

“The Science Guy” then argued almost threateningly: “And what’s happening right now, the floods, they’re proof that climate change is real and that it’s here to stay and that it’s only going to get worse. And as for the deniers and the non-believers, they just got what they deserved. And they’re going to keep getting more of it because these disasters aren’t going to somehow magically die down or go away. No, they’re going to amplify both in frequency and volatility and then maybe, just maybe, they’ll admit to having been wrong.”

“But by then, it won’t matter anyway,” Nye added. “Because, what has always fascinated me about us humans as a species is how we’re able, despite our indisputable intellect, to ignore the most obvious signs from the world that surrounds us. We don’t own this world; we’re guests in it. And as for the signs it keeps sending us, I’m convinced our politicians are so out of tune with the natural world that they couldn’t predict climate change even if God himself, who I don’t believe is real, by the way, were to come down from the Heavens, knock them on the head and point them to a huge neon sign that reads ‘Climate Change Is Here To Stay, You Morons!’”