BLM Refuses BBQ With Police: “We Need To Hunt, Shoot And Roast Those Pigs”

BLM Refuses BBQ With Police: “We Need To Hunt, Shoot And Roast Those Pigs”


The Oakland Police Department (OPD) extended an invitation to followers of the Black Lives Matter movement to participate in a barbecue to start a constructive dialogue between the two groups. However, the police were met with flat-out rejection by a spokesperson who referred to law enforcement as “pigs.” “A BBQ is definitely not going to stop this blockade,” Karissa Lewis, a self-described “radical black farmer from East Oakland,” told local Fox affiliate KTVU. “And as a radical black farmer from East Oakland, I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them,” she said.

Lewis also told KTVU that “it’s going to take much more than an ordinary meal to right the wrong that has been continuously committed against African-Americans for more than 400 years.” “If that’s the best you’ve got, then you’re in for a surprise,” she added. “And I’ll tell y’all another thing. The fact that you chose a barbecue as your meal of choice shows that you support the stereotypes that have to do with the black population of America. Y’all could have invited us to McDonalds or Burger King or something, and you chose a barbecue. What were you going to serve us for drinks, Kool-Aid?”

“That’s part of the reason why black people never liked the police,” she said. “First of all, there’s more white people in the 5-0 than there ever was in any other law enforcement agency, except for maybe the IRS. Second, even black people who manage to get jobs as police officers start acting like white people pretty soon. They change their speech, their mannerisms, they way they dress, even their general behavior. White people are like a plague; y’all ain’t mammals like the rest of us. Y’all are like a virus, you infect an area, breed until you deplete all the natural resources and then move on.”

The self-proclaimed radical black farmer then argued that “all uniform-wearing, donut-eating pigs need to be treated like their four-legged cousins.” “And to be honest, I don’t know why we’re so afraid of them, we’ve got the numbers. We ought to hunt down, shoot and then roast all them white pigs, and then serve them up as a meal to the rest of their colleagues. Maybe then they’ll understand that black people can’t be bought off. We can’t be made to forget what’s been done to us. We can’t be bribed into forgetting the last 400 years, how we were kidnapped from our ancestral homes and brought to this land where we were tortured, mutilated and worked to death. Those kind of memories get passed down from generation to generation. And they can’t be forgotten.”

“And when we serve those pigs up to their colleagues, we’ll offer them some white wine to drink. Because, pork goes well with dry, white wine, they taught us that. And if they ever try to invite us to a barbecue again and pretend like they’re doing it to try to reconcile our two peoples, we’ll tell them that first they need to go through the torment our people have gone through to understand how much there is to forgive. And maybe, just maybe then they’ll be able to appreciate how generous black people are to even consider such a possibility,” Lewis told KTVU.