Chuck Schumer Thinks Trump Is Encouraging Terror Because The Muslim Terrorists Are Now Mad At Us

PhotoCredit: Flicker

During an interview on NBC’s “Today,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talked about President Donald Trump’s executive order that prohibited citizens from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States, insisting that such an act will “make us less safe” and would “encourage lone wolves in America.”

Schumer said, “First, it was done in such a sloppy and care less way. Major agencies, the  Border Patrol, Customs didn’t know about it. There were major holes in how it was done. It almost seems like a back of the envelope. So even for those who might be for this, I’m certainly opposed, the slap dash way it was done was appalling and created the chaos. More importantly this will make us less safe. John McCain is exactly right. It will encourage lone wolves in America, they have created most of the terrorism. The biggest problems we’ve had with terrorism are not from these countries. In fact, there is something called the Visa waiver program which allows people from France or Belgium, places where there are known terrorists to come in no questions asked. I don’t even get what they were getting at because they are not stopping terror, they are instead doing what in effect as Rudy Giuliani said a Muslim ban. That is against what America is all about.”

He added, “This evening I will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate to repeal this. Senator Feinstein has carefully thought out legislation to repeal this. I hope Mitch McConnell allows that vote. Already 11 Republicans, not just the ones you have shown have spoken out against this. We should repeal this and then we should sit down in a careful thoughtful way, figure out ways we need to tighten up things.”