Climate Scientists: “We Have 10 Years Before We Burn Up”

Climate Scientists: “We Have 10 Years Before We Burn Up”

According to a new report by radical climate doomsayers, fossil fuel consumption will have to be lowered “below a quarter of primary energy supply by 2100” to stop the disastrous effects of rising global temperatures.

The report titled “Pathways for balancing CO2 emissions and sinks,” includes an assessment made by a team of eight scientists claiming that “anthropogenic emissions need to peak within the next 10 years, to maintain realistic pathways to meeting the COP21 emissions and warming targets.”

Environmentalists quickly rewrote the statement to read: “Scientists say we have ten years to save the earth.”

As with most studies of this type, there are a number of variables that need to be accounted for, and since none are entirely predictable, it virtually tells us nothing about the future of the environment.

Scientists admit that “there are significant uncertainties associated with projecting energy consumption several decades into the future,” but they also fail to recognize a large number of uncertainties in their calculations as well.

According to Dr. Duane Thresher, a climate scientist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University and NASA GISS, it is “mathematically impossible for climate models to predict climate.”

“Climate models are just more complex/chaotic weather models,” Thresher has noted, “which have a theoretical maximum predictive ability of just 10 days into the future.”

“Predicting climate decades or even just years into the future is a lie, albeit a useful one for publication and funding,” he said.