Clinton Blames Climate Change For Her Coughing Fit: “The Warm And Dry Air Is Caused By GOP’s Policy On The Issue”

Clinton Blames Climate Change For Her Coughing Fit: “The Warm And Dry Air Is Caused By GOP’s Policy On The Issue”

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered another coughing fit on the campaign trail, immediately after she took the stage during a rally in Cleveland. Clinton has been off the campaign trail for several days of rest, and the Labor Day rally with Tim Kaine was meant to mark her triumphant push across the finish line. Clinton immediately reached for a glass of water after taking the stage, coughing repeatedly. “Boy, we have 63 days to go,” she choked, continuing to cough.

After pausing again to grab glass of water, she finally continued speaking, though slightly veering off topic. “It’s always tricky to speak publically when the air is so warm and dry,” she said. “And while we’re on the subject, I want to talk about that for a moment, the reason why the air is like this. This is not natural, and even though I’m not a scientist, I can tell you that there is one perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this: climate change.”

The Democratic presidential nominee then argued that the Republican Party has been “covering up the fact that climate change is real” in an attempt to shut her up. “The GOP’s climate change policy is just, I mean, it’s unreal, unlike the actual climate change. And I’m not saying that I’m the center of their world, even though that wouldn’t be so bad, considering Donald Trump is the alternative,” she joked, causing laughter throughout the crowd. “I mean, he’s so out of touch with himself his own political party can’t stand the sight of him,” she continued, causing whistles of approval.

“But anyway, as I was saying, they’re doing this deliberately, make no mistake. They are intentionally denying the effects of climate change because they know I can’t stand conditions like this, especially while I’m required to speak publically on the campaign trail. This is sabotage, there’s really no other way to put it. I want you to know that this is their strategy, this is what they’re forced to resort to in order to shut me up. And do you know why? Because they’re afraid, they’re afraid I’m going to change history with your help and with America’s help,” she fired away and was welcomed with a loud applause.

She continued, “But what they don’t understand is, they can’t shut me up, they can’t shut us up, because the cat is out of the bag. And now that the masks have finally come down, everybody knows who everybody is and there’s no hiding anything from anyone. And I want you all to know that this is what a desperate move looks like, this is what happens when you push them into a corner. They can’t depend on Trump; heck, he can’t depend on himself because his mouth is writing checks his own party can’t cash.”

“So, they figured, if all else fails like it obviously has, they’ll just sabotage me by any means necessary, including weaponizing climate change. But, there’s one thing they didn’t count on: they didn’t count on the fact that all of you would see through their smoke curtain and their deception. They forgot to factor in the fact that all of you are smart and couldn’t be fooled. They forgot to realize that America is its people, and its people are glorious and they’re the greatest people in the history of the world,” Clinton concluded, with thundering applause and loud whistles coming from the audience.