Clinton Blames Republicans For Her Low Approval Ratings

Clinton Blames Republicans For Her Low Approval Ratings

Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings are at a historical low, and she blames the negative political environment for her current situation. She also blames her unpopularity on the presidential race, saying people tend to focus on the negativity whenever she runs for office.

“It’s always amusing to me,” Clinton told Vox that when she was secretary of State, “I have really high approval ratings.”

“And then I seek a job, I run for a job, and all of the discredited negativity comes out again, and all of these arguments and attacks start up. So it seems to be part of the political climate now that is just going to have to be dealt with,” Clinton added.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee feels that her numbers will change once she becomes president of the United States. “And then once I’m doing the job, we’ll be back to people viewing me as the person doing the job instead of the person seeking the job,” she said.

“Look, I’m not making any special plea, because it’s just reality,” she continued. “But every recent study has shown that if you take all of the media and all of the Republicans and all of the independent expenditures, tens of millions of dollars of negative attacks have been run against me. And that’s just something I’ve learned to live with, and I don’t pay a lot of attention to it anymore.”

“There’s a lot of behavioral science that if you attack someone endlessly — even if none of what you say is true — the very fact of attacking that person raises doubts and creates a negative perspective,” Clinton told Vox. “As someone Exhibit A on that — since it has been a long time that I’ve been in that position — I get that. I get it.”