CNN Stelter: “President Trump Is Poisoning Americans Verbally”

CNN Stelter: “President Trump Is Poisoning Americans Verbally” Written by February 20th 2017

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get link CNN host Brian Stelter went on his show on Sunday and claimed that President Donald Trump’s attack on the media, describing them as the “enemy” of the American people was “a verbal form of poison.”

Stelter said, “Poison. that’s what it is. It’s a verbal form of poison meant to affect your view of the media world. Meant to harm news organizations. Notice what Trump was doing with this tweet. The famous tweet from  Friday. It says the fake news media, failing New York Times, NBC, CBS, CNN is not my enemy. It’s the enemy of the American people.”

“He was signaling out specific news outlets as enemies,” he continued. “He wasn’t talking about the entire press. He was talking about those five. He wasn’t saying they are his enemy but your enemy. Maybe trying to drive another wedge between the sources he likes and the sources he dislikes. Maybe he was trying to distract us.”