David Horowitz Claims That Obama’s Immigration Policies “Import Disease And Kill Americans.”

David Horowitz Claims That Obama’s Immigration Policies “Import Disease And Kill Americans.”

Conservative activist David Horowitz wrote in Breitbart on Sunday that “conservatives who have declared war on the primary victor are displaying a myopia that could be deadly in November when Donald Trump will lead Republicans against a party that has divided the country, destroyed its borders, empowered its enemies, and put 93 million Americans into dependency on the state.”

Although Horowitz and Trump don’t agree on everything, they do unite under the idea that white Americans are victimized by “reverse racism” by blacks and other racial minorities.

Just a month ago, Horowitz accused President Obama of ignoring the fact that it was “white Christian males” who fought against slavery.

“There’s no community that’s more racist in America than the black community,” he has said.

In February, Horowitz praised Trump because he has “hit a note that is absolutely necessary” on race. “Republicans and conservatives lose the battle, because they won’t take the bull by the horns, they won’t call the Democrats liars, they won’t say that they’re treasonous, which they are, they won’t say that they’re racist, which they are.”

“I mean, it’s just unbelievable to me when you see how racist the Democratic Party is,” he said. “Everything is about race and everything is an attack on white people and anybody who’s not black or Latino.”

It is no secret that the FrontPage magazine publisher is no fan of President Obama and repeatedly accuses him of discriminating against white people. He has said that Obama “would never be president if he weren’t black” because “part of the racism of our society is if you’re black you can get away with murder.”

“Wake up America,” he said. “There’s only one conservative who is even near to talking like this and that’s Trump and that’s why he’s way ahead.”