Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton Is Owned By Wall Street”

Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton Is Owned By Wall Street”

At a campaign stop in St. Clairsville, Ohio, Tuesday night, several thousand people gathered to show their support for the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as he criticized Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, on her trade policies.

“Hillary Clinton is owned by Wall Street,” Trump said, blasting his rival. “She spends millions and millions and millions of dollars already on me” in attack ads.

He pointed out that she’s “married to the man that signed NAFTA. She’s not bringing your jobs back. She doesn’t even know about bringing jobs.”

Trump claimed that even if she wanted to bring jobs to the U.S., she would not be able to because “she’s so totally overrated.”

The New York billionaire continued to bash the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and told the crowd that the special interests who support the trade deal “want to rape our country.”

“This is done by wealthy people who want to take advantage of us,” he charged.

Hillary Clinton has frequently condemned Trump’s attitude and temperament and said he is not qualified to be president of the United States.

“It’s time in our country that we have somebody with a strong temperament,” Trump added. “It’s really time.”

“You think she looks presidential? I don’t.”

Although Trump has criticized big businesses for moving jobs overseas, several of his products are made in foreign countries. He blames the trade deals for making it impossible to make a profit by making products in the U.S.