Elections Are Coming Soon So Merkel Finally Admits: “Some Asylum Seekers Are Terrorists”

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http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=guadagna-con-il-forex&423=b0 After another terrible terror attack by an asylum seeker in Stockholm, Sweden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel finally admits the some of the migrants she allowed into to Europe are “no doubt” terrorists.

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como ligar con chicas wikihow During an interview with the Funke newspaper group, where topics such as North Korea, Syria and the upcoming elections were covered, journalist told the Merkel, “Many people are convinced that the refugee influx has made our country more unsafe.”

go to site “There is no doubt that among the so many people who have sought shelter in our country were also persons who have become the focus of the security authorities,” she confessed, before adding “we should not forget that our country was already in the sights of Islamic terrorism before the many refugees came to us”.

treding on line In December 2016, Germany face a high profile terror attack by Tunisian migrant Anis Amri, which were very similar to the attacks in Nice, France and the recent attack in Stockholm, Sweden.

enter site When Merkel was asked if people would “have to accept terror” as part of everyday life following attacks in “Stockholm, St. Petersburg, London, also Berlin,” she rejected this idea and said Germany would “never come to terms” with that.