FBI: Jewish Bomb Threats Were Sent By ‘Raw Story’ Journalist

FBI: Jewish Bomb Threats Were Sent By ‘Raw Story’ Journalist

As bomb threats against Jewish community centers rise, one suspect who was a former reporter who made up quotes from fake sources was recently arrested for allegedly being behind a number of the bomb threats.

31-year-old Juan Thompson of St. Louis was arrested by the FBI for being connected to at least eight of the threats against Jewish community centers because of what federal prosecutors claim is part of a “campaign to harass and intimidate” an ex -girlfriend.

Almost 100 Jewish schools and community centers received bomb threats, including 21 just this past Monday.

Thompson is considered a “copycat” by investigators, who said he is not connected to the other threats made throughout the nation in recent months.

According to the FBI report, he not only made threats using his own name, but he also used his ex-girlfriend’s name as well. Thompson also sent fake faxes to the woman’s place of work and claimed that she was putting out anti-Semitic statements on social media.

Last week, Thompson tweeted that his ex was trying to frame him for making bomb threats and that he was now being investigated by the Secret Service and the FBI.

Thompson was discovered to have fabricated several stories for The Intercept, including a retraction of a story that had a fake quote from the so-called cousin of white supremacist Dylann Roof.

In the story, the nonexistent “Scott Roof” claimed that Dylann Roof killed the nine black people in the South Carolina church because a girl left him for a black man.

Other media outlets then cited his article afterward.

Thompson was also an editor for Raw Story for two weeks before it his history at The Intercept was discovered.