Former UN Ambassador John Bolton Said He’d “Be In Jail Right Now” If He Did What Hillary Clinton Did

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton Said He’d “Be In Jail Right Now” If He Did What Hillary Clinton Did

FILE - In this April 13, 2012 file photo, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton speaks at the National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis. Negotiators at the United Nations are working against a Friday deadline to put final touches on a treaty cracking down on the $60 billion global illicit trade in small arms, a move aimed at curbing violence in some of the most troubled corners of the world. In the United States, gun activists denounce it as an end-run around their constitutional right to bear arms. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File)

FBI Director James Comey recently revealed that he would not be recommending that criminal charges be filed against Hillary Clinton because “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue the case with the evidence they have. The controversial decision has enraged many, including Ambassador John Bolton.

Bolton joined Breitbart radio host Stephen K. Bannon and said he’d “be in jail right now” if he committed the same crimes Hillary Clinton did, and has seen people “prosecuted and not only their careers ruined, but put in jail for far less than this.”

Bolton criticized James Comey and his decision, saying it “was cowardice on his part.”

“I hope that the questioning he’s going to get today on the House side–and I’m sure there will be other hearings as well–can help penetrate it,” said Bolton, “because even to give Comey the benefit of the doubt to say he was trying to protect the FBI, I think he has harmed the FBI in a very serious way.”

Bolton went on to attack the State Department, calling it incompetent and claiming they mishandled classified information.

“I think there is a systemic problem at the State Department, a lack of concern for classified information. Comey referred to that in his statement on Tuesday. But that doesn’t exonerate the Clintons or anybody else. In fact, given that Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state, it was her obligation to change that culture. And instead, through the email server and a number of other things she did, she made the culture even worse.”

Bolton was baffled by Comey’s statement, which started by admitting that Hillary broke the law, then saying that there wasn’t enough to indict.

“In the first two-thirds, he was almost giving a kind of opening statement to the jury in a prosecution that should have been brought against Hillary and a number of her aides. And then in the last third, he basically said they weren’t going to do it because of factors that he named that were utterly irrelevant to a decision whether to go forward with a case.”