France To Build A Wall On The Eiffel Tower Border

France To Build A Wall On The Eiffel Tower Border

In an effort to protect the iconic Belle-Epoque Eiffel Tower from a terrorist attack, Paris City Hall declared that an eight-foot tall bulletproof glass wall will be built around the landmark.

Only days after a terrorist attacked solders protecting the Louvre Palace museum with a knife, it was announced that a permanent wall will soon replace the temporary wall that was put up in the Summer of 2016. Bernard Gaudilleres, president of the institution that runs the tower, announced in Paris Thursday morning that the “bulletproof wall will encompass most of the gardens of the Eiffel Tower.”

The wall is meant to stop tourist and would-be terrorists from getting to the tower from any direction, but will be made of bulletproof glass that will allow views of the tower from all around.

Although visitor will not be able to get to the tower from the street, they can still visit it after going through a security checkpoint located in the gardens. Paris said that, despite the change, visitors will still be able to visit the gardens and square underneath the tower for free.

The bulletproof glass that will be used to surround the tower will cost around 20 million euro, but will prevent the wall from looking like a “fortress” and will not “distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings.”