Governor Rick Scott Criticizes Obama: “When Are You Going To Take Terrorism Serious?”

As tradition goes, whenever a disaster hits the nation – especially to the degree of what happened at the nightclub in Orlando – the president would reach out and offer support to the top leadership of the state.

It shows compassion and class.

Unfortunately this did not happen.

Three days after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history by a terrorist who has pledged allegiance to ISIS, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has yet to hear from President Barack Obama.

“He has not called us,” Scott said Tuesday on Fox and Friends. “A staffer has called, but no, he has not called.”

Scott chastised Obama for doing too little to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, stating after the Orlando massacre, “If not now, when are we going to take this seriously?

“When are we going to say enough is enough and say we are absolutely going to destroy ISIS, we’re going to stop the evil out of radical Islam? We’ve got to at some point say, is 49 enough? How many more can there be?”

Governor Scott has a tense relationship with Obama and his administration which was only intensified when his administration refused to give the state any data about the Syrian refugees the government relocated around Florida.

Scott also criticized the Democrats that were quick to blame current gun laws for the disaster in Orlando.

“The Second Amendment didn’t kill anybody. Evil, radical Islam, ISIS — they killed. We have got to start standing up for our country,” Scott said.