Harry Reid: “It’s Good To Have A Few Babies With Zika So That Republicans Are Forced To Fund Abortions”

Harry Reid: “It’s Good To Have A Few Babies With Zika So That Republicans Are Forced To Fund Abortions”

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Senate Democrats are blocking a $1.1 billion Republican measure that would fund efforts to fight the Zika virus because it does not contain funding for Planned Parenthood. Through its alliance with the Democratic Party and the pro-abortion mainstream media, Planned Parenthood has promoted the notion that its biggest money-makers – abortion and birth control – are the means to combat the mosquito-born Zika virus, which is being linked to cases of a rare birth defect called microcephaly, primarily in Brazil.

However, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said in an interview with CNN that the Republican Party “is like an old dog unable to learn new tricks,” since “they have yet to come up with a plan intelligent enough to allow them to slip something under our noses that we won’t immediately notice.” “Because, let’s face it, that’s exactly what they were trying to do with this so-called measure. But, as countless times before, we’re too smart for them,” Reid seemingly gloated.

The Democratic Senate Minority Leader also said that “even though Republicans are traditionally known as hardballers who are more stubborn than they are intelligent,” he urges them to try to realize that abortion is “vital” for the health of American women. “Imagine if we were in Brazil right now and we had thousands of women in danger of giving birth to disabled children. Would you still have the heart to deny them a better life than the one that involves changing your plans and caring for a being you could have put out of its misery? I doubt it. Well, that’s what we’re looking at here, unless those guys change their attitude.”

“At the end of the day,” Reid then went completely off the rails, “when you consider everything in play here, it’s actually better to have a few babies suffering the consequences of the Zika virus if that’s what gets the Republican Party to agree to fund abortions for thousands of mothers throughout the United States. In the long run, that is going to help save millions of unborn children who could otherwise end up suffering the same consequences, only on a much larger scale.”

Asked whether he realizes that deciding whether the children in question get to live or not is nothing other than playing God, Reid argued that “if God didn’t want us to have to make these decisions, he wouldn’t have created the Zika virus in the first place.” “Besides, I’m not the one who is responsible for this, just like I’m not the one who wants to battle the virus and still not allow mothers in danger of contracting it to save themselves and their future children. If you want to talk about playing God, you better turn your attention to the Republicans, because the ball is in their court right now,” he concluded.