Hillary: “Bernie Did Not Give Me the Respect I Deserved”

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http://palaceestate.ro/ro/properties/page/3/?filter_type[0]=1278 Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted her Democratic primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) did not give her the “respect” she deserved during the campaign.

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http://peopletrans.com.au/bioddf/vuowe/2926 Clinton said, “I know what it’s like to lose. I lost in 2008 to President Obama. As soon as I lost I endorsed him. I worked hard for him. I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 why they had to stop complaining about how I didn’t win and to get out and work for President Obama, and I didn’t get that respect.”


http://milehiproperty.com/?ki0oss=How-to-get-money-order-in-us&f6d=75 She added, “Let’s remember he’s not a Democrat. That’s not a slam. He says himself I’m not a Democrat. The whole DNC issue was blown way out of proportion.”

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