Illegal Immigrants Re-offend More Than Four Times Than What is Reported

Illegal Immigrants Re-offend More Than Four Times Than What is Reported

Federal Officials have been misleading the public with their assurances of safety by claiming that illegal immigrants who committed crimes rarely re-offended. A recent probe uncovered that 30 percent went on to commit new offenses, including rape, child molestation and attempted murder.

An investigation by The Boston Globe uncovered that the rate was more than four times as high as what Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been reporting.

ICE Executive Associate Director Gary Mead claimed during an address to a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, that only seven percent of illegal immigrants that have been released since 2009 were re-arrested.

After a three year investigation – that included thorough searches through court records, police logs, and internet databases – The Globe discovered that numbers were much higher in states such as Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Some of the crimes The Globe discovered included:

– A Massachusetts man marked for deportation after serving jail time for hitting his ex-girlfriend on the head with a hammer was released in October 2009. He later found the woman and stabbed her multiple times.

– A Maine man with a long criminal record robbed a man at knifepoint outside a 7-Eleven soon after his release from ICE custody.

ICE spokesman Shan Neudauer responded to The Globe with an email:

“ICE is committed to continually improving the agency’s ability to track and manage ever-evolving agency-related data, but the agency does not have statistically reliable information on recidivism rates prior to (2013).”