Jake Tapper Defends Kathy Griffin Because “Republicans Are Hypocrites”

Jake Tapper Defends Kathy Griffin Because “Republicans Are Hypocrites”

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On Wednesday, buy Mysoline canada CNN’s Jake Taper said that although Kathy Griffin’s picture with President Donald Trump’s severed head was “disgusting and offensive” the president should be held accountable for his behavior as well.

“Indecent behavior should be condemned,” Tapper tweeted Wednesday afternoon. “Including not just faux presidential beheadings but, said, mocking the disabled or denigrating POWs.”

Trump is guilty of both of these things. While campaigning to become the Republican candidate for president, Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski after being contradicted over his claim that “thousands” of Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey. He also said that he didn’t consider former POW Sen. John McCain a war hero because, according to Trump, heroes are “people who weren’t captured.”

Griffen released a photo of herself holding the severed head of Donald Trump all covered in blood. Tapper was quick to condemn the photo. Although Griffin apologized for the picture, she has since lost her job at CNN.