Kelly Suggests “Allowing Immigration Of All Muslim Families If Their Sons Agree To Serve In U.S. Army”

Kelly Suggests “Allowing Immigration Of All Muslim Families If Their Sons Agree To Serve In U.S. Army”


On Friday’s Fox News Channel broadcast of “The Kelly File,” host Megyn Kelly confronted former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban of Muslim refugees. According to Kelly, had Trump’s temporary ban been in effect when the family of fallen U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan tried to enter the United States, the country would have been denied an American hero. Huckabee disagreed with Kelly, arguing that Trump’s temporary ban “is to make sure people are vetted” because he wants to ensure that whoever immigrates wants to “assimilate and be Americans.”

Kelly argued that that’s “not true at all,” and that “Donald Trump is never going to change his ways.” “Governor Huckabee, I know you’re on Mr. Trump’s side, I get that, but doesn’t it make you sick to your stomach that you have to sit there and defend his words and his actions when he’s clearly insulting a man who died, who sacrificed his life to save other Americans, many of whom were actually Christian?” she inquired. “I know that you’re also a Republican and that you’re forced to sit there and justify the words of a mad man, but honestly, how do you sleep at night?”

“Well Megyn,” Huckabee responded, “to tell you the truth, like a baby. I understand you hold a personal grudge against Donald Trump, but you of all people should act like a professional. I mean, I know it’s tough and all but you’ve got your own show on Fox, why do you let him get to you?” The former Governor or Arkansas then turned to defending Trump’s position on the matter. “To be quite honest, nobody is trying to take anything away from Khan Senior’s speech at the DNC, the man was completely on point. However, I’d like to point out that Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration is not about hatred and discrimination of Muslims. It’s about making sure that if someone wants to immigrate to this country, they ought to want to assimilate, not just relocate and continue being whatever nationality they were before they came here,” he said.

That’s when Kelly went borderline off the rails: “Look, former Governor, if we continue debating about Mr. Trump, we’re going to sit here for days on end. Instead, I’d like to turn your attention to the potential consequences of Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration.” She said, “If such a thing were to become reality, how many more American heroes do you think we’d lose? How many more people would not be born in this country and grow up wanting to protect it? Wanting to go out and fight those who want to do it harm? Honestly, I feel proud just because I’m able to talk about the late Capt. Khan. And Americans can be massive hypocrites, especially when so many white Christian people choose to not serve in the Army.”

“What’s more,” she continued to blast away, “not only do I believe such a ban must never be legitimized, but I think we should do the exact opposite. I think we need to allow Muslims to immigrate to the United States freely under the condition that one or more of their sons serve in the U.S. Army when they come of age. That’s the only real way to protect our way of life and assimilate other cultures, and at the same time, root out the hypocrites who like to shout they’re Americans, but aren’t brave enough to pick up a gun and go out there and defend the American way. We need more people like Capt. Khan, not less. And we need less people like Donald Trump, not more. If we manage that, this country will have secured its future for hundreds of generations to come,” the “Kelly File” host argued.