Lefty Politician Lied About Her Rapists Because “Muslims Can’t Rape, It’s Against Their Beliefs”

Lefty Politician Lied About Her Rapists Because “Muslims Can’t Rape, It’s Against Their Beliefs”


A left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the nationality of three men who raped her in case it triggered racism against migrants in her country. Selin Gören, who is a spokeswoman for the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked in the city of Mannheim in January while working as a refugee activist.

She was ambushed in a play area late at night and forced to perform a sex act on her attackers. Although she went straight to the police after the attack, she did not report the ethnicity of the men, nor that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi. Instead, she said the men spoke German and robbed her. However, after her initial interview, she went back to the police 12 hours later and told the truth.

“Although I was injured and felt empty afterwards, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they did what they did not because they wanted to or liked it, but because they couldn’t control themselves,” Gören told Germany’s Spiegel magazine. “At first I was angry with them, but by the time I’d reached the police station, the anger subsided and all I could feel was sorrow and compassion for them. All of a sudden, I wanted to help them and revenge was the last thing I yearned for.”

“When I left the police station, I started rewinding everything I know about Muslims in my head and it dawned on me that they couldn’t possibly have allowed themselves to rape someone because Muslims just don’t do that. Such an act goes against their beliefs, goes against Sharia law. And in that moment, I figured something else must have had driven them to do it because they’re otherwise incapable of such a thing,” she added.

The politician added that “I feared what the reaction of the public might potentially turn into when it becomes widely known that three foreigners, whom Germans have showed kindness and hospitality, abused such a gift and instead decided to violate a woman against her will. I knew they would be lynched or worse off, murdered publically.

She also said, “And even though I was still sore, all I could think about was how this would affect their presence in Germany. I started picturing them being arrested, taken into prison and then interrogated and ultimately deported back to their war-infected countries, where they would most likely have died at the hands of ISIS. I couldn’t let that happen, I wasn’t prepared to live with the fact that three men would probably end up dead because of something I was about to say. So, I decided to lie and be done with it.”

Asked to explain why she went back and changed her initial report, Gören said, “Well, to be quite honest, on my way home I started thinking about what would happen if this would continue. How many more innocent women would end up being violated by foreigners in their own country? That’s when I knew what I had done was wrong, so I went back to set things straight. And I’m happy I did. Nobody deserves to be raped. Ever.”