LGBT Group Says Children Need To See Queerness In Their World

As the LGBT movement continues to force their beliefs on Americans, they have now come up with a plan aimed at teaching preschoolers what “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” means through a web series called “Queer Kids Stuff”.

Within the first few moment of the show, the host explains to a teddy bear that “gay means love.”

“There was once a time when it was unthinkable to even mention the topic of homosexuality in a school setting,” said one pro-family activist.

Although the series isn’t currently being shown in U.S. schools, it may be only a matter of time.

“It is easily conceivable that videos such as these will be sanctioned eventually by local school boards and implemented in preschool and prekindergarten classes,” said Sean Ryan, communications director of the pro-family organization Mass Resistance.

“Activists are trying to force these topics on younger and younger children because that is the only way their movement wins,” he said.

“Rational adults don’t buy into the so-called ‘Queer Theory’ or transgenderism. Unfortunately, children are a soft target for homosexual activists as they are malleable and still learning about the world.”

James Michael Nichols, deputy editor of the Queer Voices section of The Huffington Post, says the show is “intended to be a conversation starter between adults and kids about queer issues. While the episodes may focus on explaining a basic queer idea — like what does ‘gay’ mean — it also answers questions for children that some adults may not have the ability or language to talk about.”

Series creator Amer told The Huffington Post: “If they aren’t seeing queerness in their world (particularly in their media), how can they know to ask questions and spark conversations (as many parents won’t do this themselves)? And what happens if the first time they are introduced to a queer topic, it has a negative connotation? As soon as that happens, it is far more difficult to undo that moment than it is to simply introduce the topic truthfully and positively first.”

“It’s no surprise the LGBT movement is attempting to impose its propaganda to school children at younger and younger ages,” Ryan of Mass Resistance told LifeZette. “There was once a time when it was unthinkable to even mention the topic of homosexuality in a school setting. Now, there are homosexual, bisexual [and] transgender lesson plans for kids as young as kindergarten.”