Matt Damon Worried That “We’ll Have To Shoot All Our Movies On U.S. Soil If Trump Gets Elected”

Matt Damon Worried That “We’ll Have To Shoot All Our Movies On U.S. Soil If Trump Gets Elected”

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At the “Jason Bourne” premiere, actor Matt Damon told the Associated Press that he is “really frightened” of the prospect of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States. After praising Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) endorsement of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Damon said, “I’m really frightened at the prospect of a Trump presidency and what that would mean. It’s not even a Republican-Democrat issue. I’m genuinely concerned about his temperament.”

Damon also revealed that he is “worried” about the potential repercussions a Trump presidency could have on the movie industry. “You know, I turn on the TV, and mind you, that’s not something I do very often, but when I do, there’s always a report on Trump saying this and Trump saying that. And at first I thought it was a joke, I was like, ‘there’s no way this guy is ever going to make it all the way.’ But now I’m seriously worried about what he might do to Hollywood if he becomes president.”

Asked to elaborate, the actor who starred in the blockbuster hit “The Martian,” as well as the “Jason Bourne” franchise, told the Associated Press that “there’s a possibility he’s going to go off the rails when it comes to Hollywood,” and according to Damon, “that won’t end well.” “Because, the way things are going on right now, I mean some of the things he’s saying are just completely insane. He’s always on about how China is stealing American jobs. What if he suddenly decides to enact a law forbidding movie companies to shoot motion pictures anywhere outside of the continental U.S.? And all that because somehow he figures that shooting movies on other continents would result in the Chinese taking more of our jobs?” Damon argued.

“I mean, do you have any idea how much money we’re making from lowering costs of production just by filming in cheaper locations? And also, how much that helps the economies of the places we choose as film sets? There’s a whole industry behind all that, an industry that’s so much bigger than Los Angeles and Hollywood. But he doesn’t know that, and that’s why he could ruin it at the push of a button,” the actor added. “And another thing – that’s just part of the damage Donald Trump could cause. What if he were to start getting his own ideas about making movies? It’s very lucrative business, so what if he suddenly decides he wants a piece of the action?”

“At the rate he’s going, he might also enact another law that’s going to require every motion picture to feature a gun of some sort just because he’s Republican. But you know things are never that simple with Trump. He’s probably going to also require producers to make sure all the guns are American-made, you know, no imports. And that could also potentially cost us a lot in the long run, because product placement has been a staple of marketing in Hollywood ever since the industry was created. That’s why I think it would be devastating for the movie industry to have Donald Trump become president. Heck, if it were me, I’d shut down the Republican Party permanently and just let Democrats rule forever,” the actor concluded.