Megyn Kelly: CNN and MSNBC Treating Trump Like the Second Coming

Megyn Kelly: CNN and MSNBC Treating Trump Like the Second Coming

buying diflucan online Written by May 14th 2016

Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File, used her show Thursday night to mock the excessive news coverage the other cable news channels have devoted to Trump and his meeting with Paul Ryan.

Kelly accused the Cable News Network and MSNBC of treating Trump’s arrival as if “it was the second coming”. She pointed out that during coverage on one of the liberal cable channel’s read: “Breaking News: Trump Gives Thumbs Up”

Chris Stirewalt, the digital politics editor for Fox News, stated: “Today, this was covered like the papal visit to Washington, D.C.”.

Stirewalt noted that Thursday’s events led to the political press corps standing outside the meeting, asking: “Is he here? Is he there? What did he say? On and on and on.”

MSNBS had a countdown clock while CNN’s Wolf Blitzer talked about the progress of Trump’s plane on the tarmac.

“I was shocked  source they didn’t have a hologram,” conservative talk show host and panelist Dana Loesch joked. “That’s the next thing that comes, right?”

“If Hillary Clinton thinks that she can break through this news cycle with a snapchat video,” Stirewalt asserted, “it’s not gonna happen. She’s got to figure out some way because if he can own the media space in the way that he did in the primary, she’s hosed.”

buy modafinil online uk forum “What in the hell is going on here?” Shapiro, editor-in-chief at The Daily Wire, asked in response. “I mean, they’re treating him with the plane on the tarmac; they’re treating him like he’s some sort of J. D. Salinger-esque recluse, and you can’t find him anywhere.”

Another bizarre incident connected to the Trump-Ryan meeting, Shapiro noted:

You have a guy who’s blowing on a ram’s horn. It’s not even a Jewish holiday or something.

He’s blowing on a ram’s horn and sending odes to Trump outside the Ryan meeting, and the media are covering this like it’s news.  I mean, it’s unreal.