Mexico Warns Citizens Not To Migrate To U.S. Due To “Cops Shooting Non-White People”

Photo Credit: YouTube


Taking note of tensions in the U.S. after the shooting of two black men by police, only to be followed by sniper fire that took the lives of five Dallas policemen at a Black Lives Matter protest, the Bahamian government has issued a warning to its citizens visiting the US. “Be careful and avoid crowds.” According to a statement posted online by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Bahamian citizens visiting America should be extra cautious given recent events.

Apparently, Mexico has followed Bahamas’ lead and has issued a similar warning to its citizens, only somewhat different. The differences have to do with the fact that, unlike Bahamians, Mexicans are being warned not to “migrate” to the United States of America on the basis of “white cops shooting non-white people for almost no reason whatsoever.” Mexico’s warning, however, does not have any mention of the recommended course of action for Mexican citizens already residing in the U.S.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, said that she felt the warning was “a necessity” due to the current situation between law enforcement agencies and the general public in the United States. “As any good government, it is in our best interest to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all of our citizens regardless of where they are in the world,” she said. “And considering the fact that non-white people in America seem to be the ones who are being targeted the most at this time, we felt it necessary to warn Mexican citizens planning to migrate to your country.”

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs did not, however, mention at any point during the interview whether the Secretariat had any specific plans pertaining to Mexican citizens who are already located within the continental United States. “I don’t know which Mexican citizens you’re referring to, to be honest. If you’re talking about those who are in your country legally, then yes, plans are in motion to secure their safety as well. On the other hand, illegal Mexican citizens are highly versatile and adaptive. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to cross the border. So, I think they’ll be fine as they know how to ensure their own safety better then we ever could.”

Massieu added that the warning also applies to “all other nationalities that are currently residing in Mexico with plans to migrate to America.” “I have to emphasize that there are a lot of Syrian refugees situated in shelters throughout Mexico who are there temporarily. They are on their way to the United States as well, but I fear that recent events would affect them also, which is why the Mexican government has decided to extend the warning to include them and anyone else preparing to enter the U.S. After all, we wouldn’t be much of a country if we’d let people pass over the border as they pleased, would we?” she concluded.