Miley Cyrus Calls Trump Voters To Kiss Her Ass

Miley Cyrus Calls Trump Voters To Kiss Her Ass

A day after complaining about all the criticism she has been getting on social media, music pop star Miley Cyrus tells Trump supporters to kiss her ass.

Cryus has been an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton since the primaries, and even campaigned for her at a Virginia rally on Saturday.

The mega-pop star told a student that the 2016 presidential election has become “super hateful.”

“When I go through my Instagram comments, when I post in support for Hillary, I can’t believe some of the hate that I get,” she said. Cyrus admits using her “socials” to communicate with people around the country.

She asked young voters to not only vote, but bring a friend to vote as well.

Before leaving the student’s room, she said, “Love trumps hate.”

The very next day, the former Disney star posted a picture on Instagram telling people who vote for Trump to kiss her ass.

“Good morning!!!! Kiss my ashtanga ass if you aren’t voting for Hillary Clinton,” she wrote.

The singer has been a loud vocal critic of Trump throughout the campaigning period claiming that he can’t stop saying “stupid ass sexist sh*t,” and described him as a “f*cking nightmare.” Cyrus even threatened to move out of the United Stated if Trump wins the election.