Nancy Pelosi: “Always Address Blacks As Oppressed To Keep Them Voting Blue”

Nancy Pelosi: “Always Address Blacks As Oppressed To Keep Them Voting Blue”

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commoms)

Wiki-leaks continues to release hacked emails in an effort to show the true side of Democrats, and the latest victim was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The latest emails released came from Pelosi’s personal computer and reveals information that can damage the relationship between the Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter organization. It shows how many in the Democratic Party really feel about the group and was labeled ‘Confidential,’ and warned against letting the information get out.

The emails reveal that the Presidential Candidates did not prioritize Black Lives Matter because they felt they were a ‘Radical Group’.

Democrats also stressed the importance of how they should handle or address BLM activist in order to not lose their votes.

Democrats were warned that attending BLM meetings or rallies should be very limited and to never comply or discuss policy issues with the group. They also advised candidates to concentrate on smaller venues in order to prevent possible disruptions or other issues.

Another ploy to stay in control and avoid being dragged down into the trenches, Democrats were told that if they must meet with a BLM activist, or if one approaches them, insist on meeting with the local leader instead.

The emails also cautioned Democrats about using the motto, “All Lives Matter” to avoid offending BLM activist and possibly losing their votes.

They were also advised to indulge them when speaking with them by bringing up their ‘oppressed’ history all the time, in an effort to keep them happy and make them think you care.