NC University Asks Employees To “Snitch On Each Other” If They Use Terms Like “Husband,” “Wife,” “Christian Holidays”

NC University Asks Employees To “Snitch On Each Other” If They Use Terms Like “Husband,” “Wife,” “Christian Holidays”


The University of North Carolina has created a list of “microaggression” phrases that employees at the college should attempt to avoid. Prohibited “microaggressions” include mentioning Christian holidays such as Christmas, telling someone that you “love their shoes,” and using the words “husband and wife” instead of “partner and spouse.” In the list, divided into sections that include “Race,” “Gender Identity,” “Religious,” and “Ability,” several microaggressions are listed along with the reason as to why they are offensive.

Speaking with Breitbart News, a member of the university’s employee forum, who requested anonymity, said that although it was never included in the list itself, each member of the forum was given “very clear and unequivocal indications” that snitching on people who break the new rules and use any of the phrases stated on the list “will not be frowned upon.”

“I don’t really know why they would want to divide us like that, especially since it is obvious that, if we were all given the same instructions, everybody knows that everybody else will easily identify whoever chooses to actually snitch on their colleagues,” the source added. Indeed, in a situation where each member has the same information as everybody else, figuring out who spilled the beans would only take several minutes.

“The relationships among colleagues and the faculty were pretty outstanding up until this point,” they added. “So, from the standpoint of someone who now has to be even more careful about what I say and who I say it to, it doesn’t really make sense to me what the University as a whole stands to gain by finding out if this ridiculous new rulebook, so to speak, is being adhered to by the entirety of the staff and employees. Maybe this is some sort of test, who knows.”

The brainchild of Faculty Programs Specialist Katie Turner, who boasts both a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies and a Certificate in Gender and International Development from the University of Florida, the list threatens to endanger the everyday work and presence of both the faculty and the students at the University of North Carolina, with, if nothing else, an added amount of stress and pressure associated with the need to adjust their everyday speech and behavior.

“90 percent of my colleagues, whom I’ve spoken to, agree that this is just an unnecessary complication,” the source at the employee forum also added. “I can’t say any names, but some of us were even offered compensations in exchange for any information we’d be able to come up with within a given timeframe. Some were offered a raise, others would be given better and higher positions, but it is obvious that our university was somehow hijacked by LGBT feminist freedom fighters, whose motives I cannot possibly fathom.”

“From what I imagine, the University of North Carolina must be an experiment of some sort. They’re most likely either trying to figure out how much money they’d need to bribe the entire Congress, or they’re just doing this for the hell of it, as payback or something. Other than that, I’ve got nothing,” the source concluded.