New York Times Calls On Trump To Give Illegal Mexicans US Citizenship So “Mexico May Give Up Its Rightful Claim Of Ownership Of Texas”

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

According to an op-ed published by the New York Times, the U.S. government should give millions of Mexicans and their offspring U.S. citizenship so that Mexico may give up its rightful claim to Texas, California and the entire Southwest.

Mexican historian and author Enrique Krauze wrote that the only way Americans can make up for the moral stain of war crimes inflicted on Mexicans by the U.S. military and government in the 1840’s, is to grant them U.S. citizenship:

MEXICO CITY — The United States invasion of Mexico in 1846 inflicted a painful wound that, in the 170 years that followed, turned into a scar. Donald Trump has torn it open again…

… some Mexicans are proposing to remind Mr. Trump exactly what country was the first victim of American imperialism. They are calling for a lawsuit that would aim to nullify the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (signed on Feb. 2, 1848), in which Mexico — invaded by American soldiers, its capital occupied, its ports and customs stations seized — was forced to accept the American annexation of Texas and concede more than half the rest of Mexican territory, now including most of the states of Arizona, New Mexico and California…

For us Mexicans, this is the chance for a kind of reconquest. Surely not the physical reconquest of the territories that once were ours. Nor an indemnification that should have been much greater than the feeble amount of $15 million that the American government paid, in installments, for the stolen land. We need a reconquest of the memory of that war so prodigal in atrocities inspired by racial prejudices and greed for territorial gain.

But the best and most just reparation would be American immigration reform that could open the road to citizenship for the descendants of those Mexicans who suffered the unjust loss of half their territory.