Orlando Shooter’s Father Supports Hillary: “She Was Against The Murder Of My Son By Police”

Orlando Shooter’s Father Supports Hillary: “She Was Against The Murder Of My Son By Police”


The gay-hating, Taliban-supporting cat is well and truly out of the bag. Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando shooter is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter. You’d think that Mateen might consider the ramifications for Clinton before openly supporting her, but it seems he just can’t contain his enthusiasm. He was pictured standing directly behind her at a recent rally in Florida, and even created his own sign praising her policies. The same man who made a sign praising Hillary as “good for national security” is an ideological supporter of the Taliban who, shortly after the Orlando shootings, said that Muslims didn’t need to kill gays because “God will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

Asked to comment on what many are calling a “controversial act of support,” Mateen Senior started off by expressing regret over the “shameful way in which his son ended his life.” “It’s not easy watching your child being put down and then labeled as a terrorist,” Mateen told Breitbart News. “I’m sure that every father will agree with me on this, regardless of whether their child is guilty of a crime or the best son a father could wish for. Like all Americans, Omar had a taste for some things and a lack of it for others. Unfortunately, homosexuals fell in the latter category in his mind. And that is exactly why I support Hillary.”

Asked to elaborate, he stated that it was the former Secretary of State’s “compassion and pro-Muslim position” that have won him over. “I really believe she is the best for this country’s future. And I’m not saying this just as a father whose poor son was shot and killed by police. It is something I have noticed a while ago – Hillary Clinton is a very compassionate person with a liberal stance when it comes to politics; if there is anything she resents, it is unnecessary police violence,” Mateen Senior argued. “I was not born in this country, but nevertheless, I consider myself an American. And as an American, that is precisely the kind of people we need more of, not the other way around.”

“Many people don’t know this,” he added, “but I know for a fact that she was against the murdering of my son. She advocated for his arrest and imprisonment, which I also feel would have been a more appropriate punishment. However, since I will undoubtedly be accused of not being able to stay objective, I offer you this – if that is true, then how come this country’s Democratic presidential nominee feels the same way? But, it is too late to be discussing all of this now. The damage is done and there is no going back. That being said, I hope that Muslim fathers throughout the country hear of my actions here, and vote for Hillary because she could still save the lives of their sons, should a similar situation arise.”

“I am not even going to entertain the alternative,” Mateen Sr. added. “Donald Trump as president of America would be the equivalent of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He plans to deport all of us anyway. But with Hillary as president, not only will Muslims thrive in this country; we will finally have the opportunity to become equal members of the American society. All hail Hillary, the next President of the United States and our honorary Muslim sister!” Mateen Senior exclaimed.