Pope Slams ‘Populism’ In Democracies: “Believers Who Never Doubt The Existence Of God Are Infantile”

Written by March 10th 2017

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commoms)

During an interview with a German Newspaper, Pope Francis warned the world of the dangers of the rising populism in western countries.

In a column for Die Zeit, the pope said on Thursday that “populism is evil and ends badly as the past century showed.”

He also said that he is a normal believer, like everyone, and denies that there is any type of cult surrounding the papacy.

Francis said, “I don’t see myself as anything special … I’m a sinner, I’m fallible.”

This is Francis’ first major interview with a German newspaper and was questioned if he ever wondered about the existence of God. “I, too, know moments of emptiness,” he responded.

He said it is important that people use the periods of crises to grow and said that a Christian who never experienced that, remains “infantile.”