POTUS: “If Warren Ran For Office In 2020, It Would Be A Dream Come True”

POTUS: “If Warren Ran For Office In 2020, It Would Be A Dream Come True”

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During an interview Saturday night on Fox News, President Donald Trump claimed that challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 presidential race would be “a dream come true.”

“I think she would lose so badly,” Trump told host Jesse Watters. “She hurt Hillary Clinton very badly” during the 2016 presidential election.

Warren, who is very popular among progressives, was a prominent figure for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign and even appeared side-by-side with her in important states such as New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

“I watched that last couple weeks, where she was getting up with that craziness and anger,” Trump said as he described Warren’s appearances on the campaign trail. “They are hard. I said, ‘She is bad for Hillary.’”

“Pocahontas would not be proud of her as her representative, believe me,” Trump continued, using the nickname he called Warren from time-to-time during the presidential campaign.

Watters said that Warren would “probably run against” the president in 2020.

“I hope so,” Trump said. “That would be a dream come true.”

Warren also has a history of insulting Trump on the campaign trail, even describing him as a “nasty, thin-skinned fraud” while speaking as the American Constitution Society convention in Washington last year in June.

She has not let up on her attacks of the president, insisting that Trump’s choice to get rid of Obama-era federal prosecutor Preet Bharara was because he wants “tame prosecutors who won’t investigate him.”