Rollins: “Sh*tty White People Are Why Ice-T Couldn’t Get A Prostitute Without First Showing Expensive Jewelry”

Rollins: “Sh*tty White People Are Why Ice-T Couldn’t Get A Prostitute Without First Showing Expensive Jewelry”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons


Actor and musician Henry Rollins, in his most recent LA Weekly column, asserted that white people would “lose their minds” if they had to deal with the vestiges of institutional racism that black people face on a daily basis.

The former Black Flag singer blasted the media for allowing that he called “pieces of sh*t” like former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on TV following the police-involved shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“The despicable litanies and willfully ignorant denial and misinformation I have heard spouted in the last several days by pieces of shit like Rudy Giuliani all but ensure that things will get worse,” Rollins said.

The musician also mentioned an occasion in which he had performed alongside rapper Ice-T on a festival as an example of racism. “We were at this gig, and everybody in the crew were single at the time and there were a lot of known faces in the bunch. And it was customary at the time to call up an escort service and have some girls over to have fun.”

But, not everything went according to plan. “And these girls show up all nice and polite, and Ice-T pulls a white girl to the side. At the time he was dressed all gangsta, you know, like he was in the hood. But this girl, she just sizes him up, turns her back on him and walks away without saying a word. And I’m standing across the room, I see this and I don’t believe what I’m watching.”

“Some 10 to 15 minutes later,” Rollins continued, “Ice-T comes back looking completely different. He had gotten his pimp on, bandana, purple hat, diamond-encrusted cane, probably 10 pounds of gold dangling around his neck, grill on his teeth and a ton of rings on his fingers, and he walks up to the same girl. Only this time, she starts smiling at him, and she’s more than willing to engage in conversation.”

“Then he grabs her around the waist, pulls her to the side again and the girl can’t stop smiling. He takes her to his trailer and they probably had a good time. Tomorrow morning, I come up to him and ask him what that was all about, and at this point we were friendly, we’d been spending a lot of time together over the last couple of days, and he goes, ‘It’s fine, I’m used to it. I just have to try a bit harder than you, but it’s all good, brah,’” the musician recalls.

He then wrote, “And the moral of that story is, my dear white people – if you look down on other races, you’re just as sh*tty as that racist piece of Italian sh*t that goes by the name of Rudy Giuliani. Because your blood, our blood is as red as theirs, and our sh*t smells just as bad as theirs. There’s no difference between us other than the one you imagine there is.”

“And to my man Ice-T, a shout-out to my black brother, who showed more guts and intelligence when it mattered than most people ever display in a lifetime, regardless of their skin color. My heart goes out to you and to every white girl you banged with or without your jewels, my man,” Rollins concluded.