Sarah Palin Warns That Conservatives And Liberals Like To “Fight Dirty”

Sarah Palin Warns That Conservatives And Liberals Like To “Fight Dirty”

Former governor of Alaska and avid Trump supporter, Sarah Palin has compared the presidential election to sporting events like those in the Olympics or Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), claiming that the person who wins is the one “who wants it more.”

Palin went on to warn voters that conservatives and liberals are “out for blood” and always “fight dirty.”

Palin, the 2008 vice-presidential running mate of John McCain, wrote on her Facebook page: “As we’ve seen throughout Rio Olympics, like I’ve always said: sports are an analogy of life, thus analogous to the Presidential election. Like this McGregor vs Diaz fight … It always comes down to ‘who wants it more?’”

Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, Conor McGregor, beat Nate Diaz in a bloody fight in Las Vegas Saturday night.

“Supporters of America-First Nationalism, represented by the Trump movement, must understand the UniParty’s Globalism, that’d be Hillary [Clinton], and how the Left fights to win. They fight dirty, but they fight to win. This election is the battle for America’s future,” Palin says.

“Patriots who know our solvency and sovereignty hinge on the next administration’s defense of our Constitution, its policies and its Supreme Court appointments must ask: Are we willing to fight to win this time? Do we want it more? More than leftist zealots who are out for blood and never fight fair?” Palin continues.

“Commonsense independent Americans must SHOW our willingness to fight to win this time. I want it more… for our kids’ future. Do you?”