Sen. James Inhofe: “Obama Embraces Islam Wherever He Goes”

Sen. James Inhofe: “Obama Embraces Islam Wherever He Goes”

During an interview with Newsmax Prime, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe told host Miranda Khan that believes that Donald Trump can regain the respect the U.S. once had from the world that has since perished because of the direction president Barack Obama has taken the country.

Inhofe described to Khan how Trump met with 10 experts in his New York office recently to discuss issues ranging from defense, healthcare and others.

“They went up there and spent the entire day and he listened carefully, asked the right questions very calmly. And he’s trying to put himself in a position where he has firsthand knowledge of all these issues,” Inhofe said. “The guy is smart. You have to admit that. He’s in the business world. He’s surrounded himself with experts.”

The Republican Senator feels that Trump would do the same as president.

Inhofe supports Trump’s use of the term “radical Islam” to describe terrorists.

“I am proud of the statements Trump made,” Inhofe said. “He may be criticized for it, but at least he is calling it what it is, radical Islam.”

President Obama and his administration continue to refuse using that term because he feels that it would be playing into the hands of what ISIS wants.

“He seems to embrace Islam wherever he goes,” Inhofe said of Obama. “Even now after this tragedy took place in Orlando he won’t recognize that it is.”

“It’s mind boggling that we have an administration, at a time when we are in a most threatened position in the history of this country, that won’t recognize and talk about who the enemy is.”