Susan Rice Refuses To Deny Bloomberg Report That She Tried To Unmask Americans Connected To President Donald Trump’s Transition Team

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons


Former President Barack Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice refuses to respond to a report from Bloomberg that she made requests several times to unmask American citizens who are connected to President Trump’s transition team.

According to columnist Eli Lake, Rice refused to respond to an email asking for a comment on the story.

This bombshell news supports Trump’s claims that senior Obama officials disseminated classified information about his transition team to the press.

Fox News senior correspondent Adam Housley said on Monday that the “unprecedented” revealing happened under the direction of “very high-up” officials.

“A lot of these men and women in the intelligence communities did not want to speak about what’s going on because they were concerned about those methods being known,” Housley reported. “But now, they figure they might as well at least clarify things since Nunes has been leaked to by someone they don’t know or at least they tell me they don’t know.”

When asked about the report last month on PBS, Susan Rice said, “I know nothing about this.”