Suspect Breaks into Off-Duty Officer’s Home, Dies from Gunshot Wound

A suspect who broke into an off-duty Littleton, Colorado, police officer’s home died from a gunshot wound after being transported to the hospital.

The incident occurred around 4:30 pm on Friday.

According to Denver 7, the off-duty officer was asleep in his basement when he heard someone breaking in on the floor above him. The officer armed himself and walked to the base of the steps, from where he shot and fatally wounded the invasion suspect.

The identity of the suspect was not released, but police described him as between “40 and 50-years old.”

Concerns that there may have been more than one invasion suspect gripped the neighborhood as police scoured the area in the aftermath of the shooting, with the off-duty officer’s neighbors worrying that a second invader might be loose on their streets. But police “were never able to find a second intruder and could only confirm there was one suspect.”

Colorado has a “Make My Day” law that allows homeowners to use lethal force if they believe “their lives — or the lives of anyone in the house — are at risk.”