The Nebraska GOP Approves of Degrading Remarks about Women and Minorities

The Nebraska GOP Approves of Degrading Remarks about Women and Minorities

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Another example of how Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP and poisoning of good people happened this weekend in Nebraska, and it won’t be the last time. Deb Fischer was so determined to show what a good soldier for Trump she was that she failed to stop her nephew’s hatchet job resolution against Ben Sasse – even though Sasse has always been loyal to her.

Opponents of Trump put forth a resolution that was very simple, did not mention Trump by name, and did not even accuse Trump or anyone else of having made degrading remarks towards women. It did not even condemn any politician who had or might in the future make such remarks, it merely stated that the Nebraska GOP  go to link opposed the remarks themselves.

The resolution read:

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes all degrading remarks toward women, minorities, and other individuals by Republican elected office holders or party officials, including candidates for President of the United States, because such rhetoric tarnishes the GOP’s legacy as the party of Lincoln, alienates millions of Americans, and jeopardizes Republican majorities in the Nebraska Legislature, the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate.

The only way they could justify defending Trump was if this resolution was defeated.

If it was any other candidate at the top of the Republican ticket, the resolution would have passed unanimously. Who would be for degrading remarks towards women and minorities?

But, since it is Donald Trump at the top of the ticket and his history for degrading remarks towards women and minorities are well-known, in order to demonstrate loyalty to Trump, apparently you have to declare that you are not opposed to degrading remarks towards women and minorities.

This is your new GOP America.