Tom Arnold: “Wanting A Gun Basically Means You’re Crazy, So You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Own One”

Tom Arnold: “Wanting A Gun Basically Means You’re Crazy, So You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Own One”


Actor Tom Arnold penned an essay on Thursday in which he contended that Americans who believe gun ownership is a God-given right are “insane” and “unfit” to own guns. In the essay, published in the Hollywood Reporter, the self-described Second Amendment supporter wrote that he used to take part in NRA gun safety programs in the 1960s, when it was “a much different NRA than we have today.” He then transitioned to the dangers U.S. military personnel pose to themselves upon returning home from battle, and, finally, to the tragic May 2 suicide of his 24-year-old nephew, who was a military veteran.

In a subsequent interview that was published in the following issue of the Hollywood Reporter, the actor reinforced his position on gun ownership by arguing that “the very fact that that someone has the desire to own a gun means, by definition, that they’re crazy and, therefore, should never be allowed to actually own one.” He also emphasized that guns are today used “instead of fists,” and added that “that’s just another unnecessary escalation; fists were once used instead of words.” He then argued, “my point is – if you need to make a point, there’s no need to own a gun to do it. You can simply use your intellect.”

“I don’t think we were created by God as a failed experiment or an idiotic species from the starting line,” he said in the interview. “No, it must have happened somewhere along the way because, look at us, we’re relatively advanced compared to many other creatures that inhabit this planet. I mean, we might not be the strongest or fastest critter around, but we’re definitely the most intelligent. And that’s what boggles my mind whenever the topic of gun control comes up.”

The actor opined that human beings are “denying their own evolutionary purpose,” which, in his opinion, has to do with becoming better, smarter and more pacifistic than our predecessors. “We all have brains, we all have mouths and teeth and tongues. For the love of me, I swear I can’t fathom how those two elements that are located so close to each other sometimes get so disconnected. By definition, we should be able to be rational and work out our problems or whatever by using our intellect to come up with a solution and then our oral apparatus to convey that solution to other members of our kind. And what do we do instead? We go out, buy a gun and rely on threats and power to enforce our own version of the truth,” he said.

“I refuse to believe guns are anything but devastating. If you’re a human being and if you possess some semblance of reason, no matter how small, you must realize that we already come fully stocked and equipped to solve problems and prosper, I’m talking, straight out of the factory,” Arnold argued. “So, I don’t care what kind of excuse you have and what kind of argumentation you’re trying to use. Bottom line, if you want a gun for whatever reason and you’re a human being, you are by definition a crazy person who should never be allowed to actually own one. You are a disgrace to our species – I should know, my nephew is a constant reminder of what happens when you stop talking and start shooting.”