Warren: “Trump’s Wall Street Friends Are Funding Hillary To Make Her Lose Progressive Votes”

Warren: “Trump’s Wall Street Friends Are Funding Hillary To Make Her Lose Progressive Votes”

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Senator Elizabeth Warren believes Wall Street is supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for one reason – sanity. The financial industry has donated $41 million to Clinton and only $109,000 to Trump, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Warren doesn’t see that as Wall Street’s attempt to gain a bigger footprint in the Democratic Party. “I don’t see it as a swing back to Democrats so much as I see it as supporting sanity,” Warren said in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

Then again, she added, a more devious, underlying strategy might also be at play here. According to Warren, everybody on Wall Street is “at least on some level” friends with Donald Trump. “And you know what serves as the best catalyst for friendships? Common interests, or in this case, profits,” she added. “And when you have that many friends in that many high places, it’s relatively easy to set up a strategy that aims to mislead voters into thinking Clinton is getting the big bucks because she’s so likable or because Trump’s insane, whichever one you prefer.”

Asked to elaborate, the senator argued that “the only reason why Wall Street’s biggest players seem to be pouring money into the Clinton campaign is because they’re aiming to achieve the opposite.” Latest polls show that Trump is down by 15 percent, and with just over three months till Election Day, he needs all the help he can get. “So, what does he do? What every billionaire would – asks the help of other billionaires and washes his hands in the process. That way, he can’t say he had anything to do with it, but at the same time, events unfold that conveniently benefit him.” She added mockingly, “You know, if I didn’t have utter hatred for the man, I might even consider congratulating him on a game well played.”

“Speaking from a purely progressive standpoint, accepting money from Wall Street is right up there with the 7 deadly sins,” Warren said. “So, here’s what they’re aiming for: when progressive voters who support Hillary, and there are quite a few of them, realize that she’s amassed more than $40 million thanks to the world’s most powerful money laundering organization, they’re going to shift their votes elsewhere. In doing so, she’ll lose valuable support, which even if it doesn’t swing over to Trump, will end up being aimlessly dissipated. And who stands to benefit the most from Hillary losing voters? Exactly.”

“Like I said, you gotta give the man credit, that was pretty smart of him. And the best part is, he accepted a measly $100,000 from the same source, just to make it look like he’s also on the take and to make sure there’s a paper trail that exonerates him from any responsibility, should the scam fail for some reason. If inspectors come-a-knockin’, he’ll just go, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, I also accepted funding even though I didn’t need it, I wanted things to be fair.’ At the end of the day, things are going well for him and as much as I hate to admit it, this little game stands to secure him the presidency. And then, God help us all,” Warren concluded.