White House: ‘Of Course’ President Trump Condemns White Supremacists, KKK, and Neo-Nazis

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http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/721 The White House issued a statement on Sunday to clarify President Donald Trump’s views on white supremacists, the KKK, and Neo-Nazis.

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bekanntschaften rottenburg “The President said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred,” a White House official said. “Of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, Neo-Nazi, and all extremist groups.”

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go Media and political figures were furious after the president failed to specifically condemn the white nationalist forces that triggered the violent uproar in Charlottesville, Virginia, between demonstrators and counter-protesters.


http://www.siai.it/?ityies=binary-trading-companies&f35=3b After the president’s speech, the driver accused of plowing his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters was identified as James Alex Fields Jr., who was reportedly“infatuated” with Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Heather D. Heyer, one of the counter-protesters struck by the vehicle, was killed.