Analysis: Tim Kaine’s Prediction of The Catholic Church’s Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

The Analysis of Tim Kaine and His Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Former Virginia Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine appeared to change his views regarding same-sex marriage in 2016, a stance which he adamantly opposed in 2005. Best known for his campaign with the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, Kaine famously spoke out about his predictions for same-sex marriage in the future to media outlets such as The New York Times and CNN. 

What Was Tim Kaine’s Original Argument?

Kaine has always been an outspoken Roman Catholic with religious opinions that same-sex marriage should not be recognized. This stance comes from traditional Catholic teachings and Bible verses against homosexuality. In his famous statement, Kaine described interviewing Virginia residents who said they hoped LGBT individuals would move out of their area if they weren’t allowed to marry. 

Why Did Tim Kaine Change His Mind?

Kaine spoke out at the Human Rights Campaign yearly dinner in September of 2016 with his new opinions on the issue. Quoting Pope Francis about judgment and referencing the Genesis chapter in the Bible, Kaine said that diversity should be celebrated in the world. This includes members of the LGBT community who were allowed to marry by legislation in 2015. Stemming from the statement of Virginia voters who would not welcome same-sex marriage, Kaine allegedly made his decision to accept it. 

What Were Tim Kaine’s Predictions For The Future of the Catholic Church?

Kaine expressed in his statement that he believes the Catholic church will follow suit with his opinions and welcome same-sex marriage the way they accept the marriage between a man and a woman. In his speech, Kaine expressed hope for the Catholic church to change its views on same-sex marriage as a former missionary himself. However, he was met with opposition from Richmond, VA Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo who spoke out and said he did not believe that the church would change their 2,000-year-old doctrine about same-sex marriage. 

What Was The Controversy of Tim Kaine?

Tim Kaine was and is vocal about his commitment to the Catholic church; however, his progressive-leaning towards politics has raised a few eyebrows. Kaine has spoken out as opposed to abortion personally while still respecting the laws that allow women to choose. His involvement with progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton also was in question as to her running mate and more left-leaning views than the church are known for. 

What Happened With Tim Kaine’s Prediction?

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine lost the presidential race in 2016 to Donald Trump and Michael Pence. This decision from the Electoral College caused controversy due to Trump’s media reputation and Pence’s vocal stance against members of the LGBTQ community. 

Two years later in 2018, Kaine signed a letter with 20 other senators to Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, to reverse a ruling of disallowing visas to diplomats in same-sex marriages. He also joined signing with senators in the following year of 2019 to address Pompeo with his refusal to commemorate June as Pride Month as had been a White House tradition. 

Tim Kaine remains a member of the United States Senate in Virginia as of 2021. While the controversies surrounding the election of 2016 and each party’s opposing opinions, the senator continues working with diverse sectors such as committees for foreign labor and the Armed Services.